Road Route Vír 6


  • 18 km distance
  • obtížnost Piece of cake
  •  310 m climb
  •  310 m descent
  • 01:00 time

The short road circle route with a steep uphill to Bolešín is suitable for gravel bikers. Yet before you start ascending, you will have a nice ride downstream the Svratka River. As of Bolešín you can enjoy beautiful views from the contour road with lower quality tarmac surface. The advantage of the route via Věstínek, Věstín and Chlum is very low traffic. We recommend you to visit the refreshment point U tety Áji in Chlum (see photo). From there, you can enjoy the downhill towards the reservoir and back to Vír.


název / name:
Road Route Vír 6
typ / type
délka / distance
18 km
výjezd / climb
310 m
sjezd / descent
310 m
průměrný čas / avg time
fyzická náročnost / physical intensity
technická náročnost / tech difficulty
Piece of cake

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