Wilderness trail

  • 3.70 km distance
  • obtížnost Easy
  •  34 m climb
  •  254 m descent
  • time

A two-way natural trail with transfers via dirt roads. Anybody can enlist at Strava for a race up to the ruins of castle Zubštejn. The downhill trail ends as far as at the caravan camping site. The forest passages in the first and the third part of the trail are very attractive, while the middle stretch is quieter and rather to enjoy the lookout. Please be careful about the tourists while riding down from the castle!


název / name:
typ / type
Wilderness trail
délka / distance
3.70 km
výjezd / climb
34 m
sjezd / descent
254 m
průměrný čas / avg time
fyzická náročnost / physical intensity
Medium difficulty
technická náročnost / tech difficulty

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