Havels Trail – TR 1


  • 0.72 km distance
  • obtížnost Medium difficulty
  •  2 m climb
  •  100 m descent
  • time

Based upon negotiation with the private land owner of the forested area, project Údolí Sportu agreed on construction of a dug out stretch in a steeper slope next to the previous skiing slope. Since 2019, first tilts and terrain waves have been added. The purpose is to finetune the difficulty so that virtually any biker with just a small amount of experience can tackle the trail in lower speed and skilled bikers might enjoy the trail in full speed. The trail’s ride-readiness has been tested by Saša Sidor, who had constructed a big deal of attractive biking trails.

We recommend to access the trail via long-distance cycling route 5218 from the direction of the reservoir or via the blue hiking trail from Vír. The trail is then connected to a marked exit route (white triangles with a logo).


název / name:
Havels Trail – TR 1
typ / type
délka / distance
0.72 km
výjezd / climb
2 m
sjezd / descent
100 m
průměrný čas / avg time
fyzická náročnost / physical intensity
Medium difficulty
technická náročnost / tech difficulty
Medium difficulty

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