Falcon Trail – TR 2


  • 0.69 km distance
  • obtížnost Medium difficulty
  •  1 m climb
  •  113 m descent
  • time

The second dug trail of the Traily Vír project was created on the forest lands of the villages of Rovečné and Věstín and is named after the rocky lookout from which it starts, The Falcon Trail. The difficulty of the Falcon Trail is “red”, ie quite demanding and requires some experience, despite of the fact that the most difficult parts can be bypassed. The hike from the “UP 2” road is physically demanding and selective on its own while no other approach is possible. Therefore, e-bikes are also tolerated here.

Falcon Trail is followed by the enduro passage (EN 3), which will take you back to the road. If you do not dare to do so, you can go around the footpath or in the opposite direction of the exit route leading along the slope.



název / name:
Falcon Trail – TR 2
typ / type
délka / distance
0.69 km
výjezd / climb
1 m
sjezd / descent
113 m
průměrný čas / avg time
fyzická náročnost / physical intensity
technická náročnost / tech difficulty
Medium difficulty

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