As in any other modern trail resort, bike rental and servicing are also provided. You can choose from a variety of full suspension, hardtail, gravel, electric and kids’ bikes.

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Transporting and reassembling bikes for the entire family could itself be easily considered as a difficult sport. If you prefer travelling light or trying out new bikes, though, make it straight to our testing centre and rental shop.

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A wonderful trip, spoilt by technical difficulties? You can get servicing at our base camp. We provide washing, repairs, adjusting, e-bike charging, as well as supply of fundamental spare parts, such as tyres, tubes, chains, brake pads, brake cables, etc.

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I can definitely make it all the way up the hill! E-bikes are for old guys! Yet still, if you start doubting, hit number 566 566 566 on your phone to order our outdoor shuttle. Our Mercedes Sprinter with a trailer for bikes is ready. And you can bet our driver won’t tell!

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